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Science Fiction is a genre of fantasy fiction, which usually deals with imaginative concepts like advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, and supernatural life. Check out the list of the best Sci-Fi movies which you can enjoy with your friend and family. All the movies are seen and reviewed by us and highly recommend for watching.



In the future, the Earth is no anymore survivable place for human beings due to dust, disasters, and shortage of water. The only way to survive is to find a planet in the installer. NASA sends a team of Astaunots into space through the discovered wormhole were no man gone before.

This is the must-watch Sci-Fi movie, when I first started watching this movie I thought it is a regular NASA space movie but the theories presented and explained are rich. This is a well written and performed movie you can find in the Sc-Fi genre. The end ending is amazing and mind-bending, any Sci-Fi lover will love this movie.


Dom Cobb is an unimaginable thief, stealing the top secrets from the other’s dreams while they are subconscious. Cobb’s skills made him famous in his field but it also cost him everything he ever loved now he has a chance of saving this. He has to do one last impossible job to get back to his normal life. Now his and his team’s new mission is to instead of stealing the idea, they have to plant one through the dream.

This movie is a masterpiece when I first watched this movie I was thrilled. How anyone can imagine a movie? I really enjoyed the thriller of this movie and the cast is perfect.

The Martian

Mark Watney an Astraunot left behind by his crew accidentally and presumed dead on mars after a storm. But somehow he manages to survive and find himself alone on Mars. Now with his limited supply, he has to send a signal to Earth that he is still alive. NASA soon knows about it and strives for a daring and dangerous mission to bring him back. Will they succeed in bringing him back?

There are some wonderful VFX in the film to go with a great story: Especially the climax is so good. This movie is one of my best Sci-Fi movies after Interstellar. The story of the film and the whole plot was very interesting and surprising.


Transformers The Last Knight

Sam Witwicky a high school student buys his first car which turns out to be the Autobot named Bumblebee. Bumblebee protects Sam and his girlfriend from the other evil Autobots which are trying to steal his great-great grandfather’s glasses which is encrypted with the secrets.  On the other side of the world, the USA military base gets attacked by the same evil bots. Sam and Michaella are taken to help the top-secret agency Sector 7, but when they find out that the agency also intends to destroy the good Autobots, then they plan to save the world by themselves. 

The story view of this film is quite understandable except for those characters who do not fulfill any purpose. It is a nice movie to watch. It has fantasy, action, and comedy.

The Prestidge

Prestidge is a mysterious story of Two great magicians of London is the yeat of  1800 reads each other’s diaries. They come to know the secrets of each other’s secrets of each other’s tricks and personal life. But can these magicians will give their secrets that easily?

This impact of this movie is so big that you can not stop thinking or talking about it after watching it. That Prestige is one of my favorites and this movie will not disappoint you.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Major William Cage a man who never seen any battle, has been sent to defend the world from the alien species who attacked the world and impossible to defeat by any military in the world. When he and his crew thrown in the battle he gets killed within minutes but he finds himself trapped in loop time repeating the same battle day and over again. Whenever he gets killed the day resets by itself. With every fight, he becomes stronger and skillful and with help of Cage and Vrataski, he has to find a way to defeat the enemy.

This is the most underrated Sci-Fi movie ever. This movie is so great that it will be on the edge of your scene. The first war scene of this movie is excellent. this movie starts with a slow pace and after some time you will not leave your seat until you are finished.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darco does not get very well with his family, his teachers and his classmates. He has a kind psychotherapist, who exposes hypnosis, is the means to unlock hidden secrets. Donnie has a friend named Frank, a big Bunny who can only see Donny. When an engine falls off a plane and destroys his bedroom, Donny is not there. Both incidents and the survival of Donnie is due to supernatural incidents. 

The film is all about a tangent universe and complexity of the primary universe and human emotions. Donny Darko is a type of movie that provides a kind of content to any viewer who promotes hard thinking.


The entire movie is based on chicken and egg paradox, which came first? The plot of this movie is based on an agent whose mission is to find a bomber.

It’s an amazing sci-fi on time travel, and there are some mind-blowing philosophies that are ready to launch. This is a clever head trip which is clear. The final scene explains why this movie is a loop, but you have to think about it.

Source Code

Colter Stevens an Army Captain finds himself working on a special mission where his consciousness can be inserted into another man. The only thing is that he can be there for only 8 minutes. He takes over the body of the teacher who is going to work in that train and remains confused about what he is doing or why he is there because his last remembrance is to blow up his helicopter on a combat mission in Afghanistan. The one who is appointed him for the mission explains to him that there is the bomb in the train and that he must locate and identify the bomber. He is also told however that he cannot change the past and can only collect the information.

Source code is a complete sci-fi thriller that will make the audience mad until the end. The source code has its own principle and explanation, and most importantly.


A cyborg is sent from a future on a deadly mission. He must kill a young woman, Sarah Connor, whose life will be very important in the coming years. Resistance John managed to send a guard back save his mother Sarah. The Terminator uses his extraordinary intelligence and strength to find Sarah, but what does it seem like is there any way to stop cyborg?

One of the best cyborg films of the 80s, this is one of my favorites of time. Despite the absence of visual effects, some scenes seem realistic. Basically, the first Terminator is a must-watch movie and even today’s generation will love this movie.

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