Must watch comedy TV shows of all time before you die.

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Laughter is the good medicine, said by millions. In our busy lives, we suppose to find some time to relax. Exercising, Playing Games, or Following your hobby might be always a good thing but you can always enjoy a few comedy TV Shows. Check out our list of the best TV shows of all time. I will garuntee you that you will enjoy them and laugh so hard.

1. Friends (1994-2004)

Created By:  David Crane | Marta Kauffman

Main Cast: Marta Kauffman | Jennifer Aniston | Courteney Cox | Lisa Kudrow | Matthew Perry

Network: American Sitcom

Six friends living in New York City going through good and bad times, fights, surprises, and tears. Some episodes are so funny that you cannot control your laughter. If you are looking for a good family TV show your search ends here.

If you have not seen this masterpiece comedy series go watch it first. It’s a mind refreshing well-performed TV show. This is not just a TV Show because it has ended but no one will never deny that you can watch each and every episode for countless time. This is a good TV show on friendship and the most exciting part of this TV show is Comedy, Drama, and Emotions.

2. Modern Family (2009-Present)

Created By: Steven Levitan | Christopher Lloyd

Main Cast:  Ed O’Neill | Sofía Vergara | Julie Bowen

Network:  ABC

Jay Pritchett the leader of a big family divorced and remarried to a Latina Gloria who already has a son Manny from her first husband. Jay has other two children from his first wife Clair and Mitchel. Clair is married to Phil and they have three children. Mitchel the younger son of Jay is gay and he is married to Cameron. Basically, it’s a complicated family gathers around for main events.

The show is funny and heart-warming. If you enjoy watching a comedy series, this show will be the proper fit for you. This is a wonderful show which is very easy to understand because it is quite reliable. None of the comedy and emotional scenes feel compelled.

3. Big Bang Theory (2007-Present)

Created By: Chuck Lorre | Bill Prady

Main Cast:  Kaley Cuoco | Johnny Galecki | Jim Parsons

Network:  CBS

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hopstrader are the intelligent young men but socially working in Cal tech university California along with their friends an Astrophysicist  Raj Kutrapahlliand a Mechanical Engineer  Howard. They all are friends and spend most of the time in Video Gaming, Comic Books, fantasy movies and playing dragons and dungeons. When a girl called Penny moves across their apartment they started to see the world in different point of view.

If you are looking for a good comedy show with some nerdy things this show might be the best fit for you. The show is so popular in the Scientific world that even Elon Musk, Steven Hockings and Bill Gates contributed as guest roles.

4. Young Sheldon (2017-Present)

Created By: Chuck Lorre | Steven Molaro

Main Cast: Iain Armitage | Zoe Perry | Lance Barber

Network:  CBS | Amazon Prime

It is 1989 and 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has skipped four grades to start high school with his low-intellectual older brother. When he struggles to be understood by his family, classmates, and neighbors, his mother gives him the best equipment, with which he can come: Reminding bullies that his father is a football coach and his brother is in the team. His twin sisters do not share his extraordinary mind, but she has a very clear vision of life for young talent.

This series does not afraid to show the reality of life and death, whether to trusts on God or not, presenting the truth and innocence of the past through the various approaches of science and creation, and how they work together with the excellent explanation. It is a pleasure to watch this TV show, with some simple remarks, this turns out a comedy series. 

5. How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

Created By: Comedy | Romance

Main Cast: Carter Bays | Craig Thomas

Network: Josh Radnor | Jason Segel | Cobie Smulders

How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby sits with his children one day, to tell them the story of how he meets their mother. The story is told through the memories of his friends Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney Stinson.

This show triggers a lot of emotions! There were moments that were funny, but sometimes more serious feelings were discussed. Directors and character screenplay did great work to keep the viewers and audiences engaged, which was clear and suspicious all the way up to the last episode credits.

6. Derry Girls (2017-Present)

Created By: Lisa McGee

Main Cast:  Saoirse-Monica Jackson | Louisa Harland | Nicola Coughlan

Network:  Netflix

This show is all about a small town called Derry and it’s troubles in the year 1990. A 116-year-old girl and her friends and family always gets in trouble and find their own ways to get out of it.

What can say about this show, I loved everything about. Their accent, acting, comedy and plot are extremely fabulous. This is a family show with lots of funny moments.

7. Sex Education (2019-Present)

Created By:  Laurie Nunn

Main Cast:  Asa Butterfield | Gillian Anderson | Emma Mackey

Network: Netflix

 Netflix opened with a fabulous show in 2019. This show consists of many sex issues teenagers face in their early age. A teenage boy leaving with his sex therapist starts an underground sex therapy for his school friends.

There are some moments in this show where we really trigger our mind and think about it. 

8. Orange Is The New Black (2013-Present)

Created By: Jenji Kohan

Main Cast:  Taylor Schilling | Danielle Brooks | Taryn Manning

Network:  Netflix

Piper Chapman young women sentenced for one and half year in prison for transferring drug money of her ex-girlfriend. When she gets to jail she has to face many difficulties caused by other prisoners. 

This show is all about how a small mistake can make your life miserable. It is a funny, sad and exciting TV show with a lot of small story of every character and how they end up in prison.

9. Bojack Horseman (2014-Present)

Created By: Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Main Cast:  Will Arnett | Amy Sedaris | Alison Brie | Aaron Paul

Network:  Netflix

Bojack Horseman is an animated TV show. Back in the 90s Bojack Horseman was in a very famous TV show called “Horsin’ Around”. But now he is not so famous and totally washed up. He lives in Hollywood and complaining about everything.

This is a funny animated TV show with a lot of good messages. Sometimes this show may get, but this is a good show for adults.

10. Rick and Morty (2013-Present)

Created By: Dan Harmon | Justin Roiland

Main Cast:  Justin Roiland | Chris Parnell | Spencer Grammer

Network:  Netflix

Rick and Morty is an adult Animated Tv show about a genius, drunk and careless scientist Rick and his grandson Morty and their adventures. Morty is 14 years old not so smart anxious boy. Together they explore the infinite universe running into the troubles.

Even though it’s an animated TV show it is for adults only. This show is funny and loaded with advanced scientific stuff. 

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