10 Mind blowing Movies to watch before you die.

Everyone likes challenging stuff whether it is in real life or movies. A good movie which requires a higher IQ to understand always are most loved by everyone. Some of them make sense and some don’t, But these movies these always make a deep impact on our mind. We can’t stop thinking about this for a few days. Check our list of best 10 movies which probably will blow your mind. Make sure to let us know your favorite movie by commenting below.

1. Interstellar  (2014)

Directed By:  Christopher Nolan

Written By: Jonathan Nolan | Christopher Nolan

Main Cast: Matthew McConaughey | Anne Hathaway | Jessica Chastain 

Genres: Sci-Fi | Drama | Adventure

In the future, the Earth is no longer survivable place for human beings due to dust, disasters, and shortage of water. The only way to survive is to find a planet in the installer. NASA sends a team of Astaunots into space through the discovered wormhole were no man gone before.

This is the must-watch Sci-Fi movie, when I first started watching this movie I thought it is a regular NASA space movie but the theories presented and explained are rich. This is a well written and performed movie you can find in the Sc-Fi genre. The end ending is amazing and mind-bending, any Sci-Fi lover will love this movie.

2. Inception (2014)

Directed By:  Christopher Nolan

Written By: Christopher Nolan

Main Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Ellen Page

Genres: Sci-Fi | Action | Adventure